Speak Up - Speech Therapy For The Denver Area
Communication is something we all do every day. It's such a part of our lives that we sometimes take it for granted. For many people, communicating effectively is not easy. Speech-language therapy can help children and adults communicate clearly, increase confidence and strengthen positive interactions.

At Speak Up we offer services in these areas

Articulation is the way sounds are made. Concerns in this area include not producing sound or switching sounds when speaking.
Expressive language is what a person says. Concerns in this area may include short sentences, limited types of words, or overall low vocabulary.
   Expressive language
Receptive language is what a person understands. This can include the ability to follow directions and understand spatial locations.
   Receptive language
Fluency issues include stuttering and other concerns regarding rate of speech.
Also known as social skills. Concerns in this area can range from concerns with eye contact, turn-taking, appropriate question asking and other skills needed for positive interactions.

Speak Up is located at 16365 E Brown Dr. Aurora (click here for map).Speak Up offers a free, initial ½ hour consultation. Subsequent sessions are $40 for 30 minutes. The final ten minutes of the sessions are geared towards parental involvement and review.

Wrap Text around Image My goal is to help your child make as much progress as possible. In order to do that, parents need to be involved in the therapy. You will be able to watch each session and will be provided with lesson plans. At the end of the visit we will briefly review the therapy session but the main focus will be on activities you can do at home. Following through on these activities can help your child gain even more from therapy.

If you have any questions please contact us at (720) 295-0797 or by email at Moneta@SpeakUpTherapy.com.

Now accepting Medicaid,CHP+ and TRICARE.